Sunderland Vibe, Magazine

Working closely with a new marketing group made up of leading Sunderland businesses who wanted to produce a magazine that would be distributed to Wearside residents, we created a name and identity that was ownable and engaging. Vibe magazine was born, and the variety of content resulted in individual designs for each article and to go with the printed magazine we developed a website containing all the content from the latest edition plus more.

We’ve seen the magazine grow from strength to strength since it started in 2014 and become to bring the City of Sunderland together. Over 4,400 people follow the magazine’s Twitter account to keep up with news and events in the Sunderland area.

The Works are one of the leading businesses that help make each edition of Vibe possible and are constantly progressing the magazine to meet the needs of the readership.

The Works were able to provide strong insight, linking key messages to creative, vibrant settings and in a style people would enjoy - and that has been the feedback from our audience.

Mike Smith
Ashmore Consulting, Vibe Editorial Board

We have seen an extremely positive reaction to Vibe Magazine. The feedback from both readers and partner organisations has been exceptional.

Barry Pollock