Park Holidays UK, Holiday Brochure

The challenge was to find a more cost effective way of communicating the new season holiday brochure and early booking offers to Park Holidays’ database of over 100,000 customers. Historically, this had been achieved by a number of routes including a detailed 100 page, A4 brochure - designed, printed and mailed to previous guests and enquirers.

The starting point was to see where savings could be made. This new-found budget would then be put to better use by delivering an improved multi-media strategy to reach customers at a number of touch points. Firstly, we added new video footage of all parks to improve web content. We then took a different approach to the brochure, both in design and format which would now be available to customers in print and digital formats.

To save costs, we reduced the size of the brochure from A4 to A5. We saw a decline in brochure requests as a continuing trend, so also reduced the print quantity by 15%. We carefully considered how to improve the format of the new mini-brochure which would now be available in an interactive online format. The brochure was re-designed, printed and direct mailed supported by regular, tactical emails, creating an urgency for the early booking offers and promoting the real time online content of the interactive brochure.

Holiday bookings revenue went up 41.46% year on year, which is clear evidence that our new strategy has worked. I have to attribute this to the excellent work, as always, carried out by our team at The Works.

Geoff Barnes
Marketing Director, Park Holidays UK

We're now in our 11th year of working with Geoff and the team at Park Holidays UK and I still get a buzz from creating and delivering campaigns that have a real impact, measurable by the results!

Ian Oswald