Gentoo Group, Rebrand

The team at Gentoo felt the time was right for the business to challenge its role in the region and question what it meant to be ‘Gentoo’ today, and as importantly, to plan how it could innovate again in the future.

Before any work on the brand, we conducted over 100 interviews with staff, stakeholders, suppliers, unions and customers across the business to find out about their experience of Gentoo. Because of the sensitive nature of the project, these were actual ‘interviews’ – not open forums - where people were given the privacy to say how they really felt, not what they felt they should say.

As part of the brand refresh, we developed a new set of brand guidelines, set a tone of voice for copywriting, an illustration style for use in communications and designed a set of documents in the new style.

Our solution brings vibrancy and energy, once again placing people before product at the heart of everything they say. It starts conversations that connect so that customers are clear on what they can expect, colleagues can become more confident of their roles, communities know they are with Gentoo.

The Works had to work really hard to get our business and have continued to do that over the years.  So much so they have become our most trusted partner. We use them as an extension of our internal team - it's far more than a client / agency relationship - it's a true partnership.

Sharon Appleby
Head of Marketing and Communications

Evolving the Gentoo brand was a fascinating project. The openness and objective outlook of the organisation was inspirational from the start. This was a genuine team effort; collaboration in its truest sense.

We were allowed unlimited access to people across the business, resulting in candid and invaluable insights that helped us to truly get under the skin of the organisation, revealing in-depth information on the challenges and opportunities for the business in a seemingly ever-changing sector. 

We are delighted to have helped Gentoo bring back into focus what it does best; define and build upon its vision and values; communicate these with clarity and conviction and help the business to continue to connect with customers and colleagues and build on the huge sense of pride that exists across the Group.

Barry Pollock
Managing Partner