Gateshead College, Brand identity refresh/summer recruitment campaign

Gateshead College commissioned us to clarify, refresh and invigorate their brand identity. In this fast-paced world, Gateshead College have a need to produce a high volume of assets, across mixed media, with quick turnaround times. We wanted the brand to challenge convention to create compelling communications that establish productive relationships, but also give them the tools to produce continuity across collateral.

After spending time identifying and understanding the challenges, opportunities and culture of Gateshead College, we developed a structure of relevance and purpose around the central proposition and a consistent visual identity system. This meant we could create the tools to enable creative and compelling application of the refreshed brand identity through a clear and distinctive brand expression.

We created an agile design system that enables efficient production of collateral without compromising creativity, quality and consistency. We produced a robust but concise set of brand guidelines to illustrate each component of the new brand identity – from typography to tone of voice, printed to digital applications.

The refreshed brand aligned the Gateshead College identity with the customer experience, so the proposition is clearly established in the hearts and minds of staff, students and stakeholders - adding tangible value to the brand.

It was great to be involved in such a big brand refresh project and work so closely with Gateshead College to help position them apart from their competitors.

Barry Pollock

Engaging The Works to refresh our brand identity and work with us on our recruitment campaigns was one of our best decisions.

They delivered in spades; we absolutely love the work and our staff and customers do too.

They are a great and talented team, who totally get us and what we stand for and have helped us effectively translate that for our audiences. 

They are a down to earth, honest agency with a big heart. We like them, we trust them, and we know we can rely on them no matter what.

Nadine Hudspeth
Director of Marketing & Communications