Cestria Annual Report Microsite

Early in 2015, Cestria Community Housing Association decided to take a new approach when developing their annual report. They wanted to move away from a printed piece to a website approach making the report more accessible and interesting to tenants.

We were approached to design and develop a new website that would be easy to manage, look clean and fresh and allow Cestria staff to produce ongoing yearly reports. Using Umbraco we built a flexible and modular CMS and provided training to the Cestria staff. Once completed, staff felt confident that they had the skills to produce the content and look they wanted. The CMS will allow further online annual reports to built by Cestria in coming years.

Analytics behind the site also supported the team in comparing level of engagement versus previous years of printed reports.


The Works supported and guided us through the process which included building our skills in-house, taking the time to support us through the process to build the site. We know we couldn’t have done this without the support of the great people at The Works and thanks to them, we have received fantastic feedback from those viewing the site.

Christine Scott
Assistant Director, Strategy & Business Improvement, Isos Housing Ltd