Alnwick Gin Brand Refresh

Alnwick Gin is a premium quality small batch, hand-crafted gin made in the heart of Alnwick. The product was launched in 2016 with each bottle uniquely created by the Alnwick Gin Master. 

As Alnwick Gin started to grow, they wanted an identity that was recognisable to all gin lovers. As part of the rebrand, we worked alongside the Northumberland gin specialists to create a bespoke brand that related to the heritage of Alnwick, helping them understand the roots of the brand.

Working alongside Andy Petherick from Alnwick Gin we helped to create the First Edition Pewter Label that showed the culture of the Northumberland market town and a style that looked like nothing else on the market - something that would mean something to consumers.

Alnwick Gin is now available in a selection of shops and restaurants across the country stretching from Aberdeen to London, including Newcastle’s Fenwick Food Hall. 

After launching the business in 2016, we wanted to improve the look and feel to it and ‘polish up a rough diamond’. The Works really grasped the concept of the rebrand and understood how we wanted to make sure the heritage of Alnwick was captured on the packaging. It was great working with John, Gary and Nick for The Works on this project.

Andy Petherick
Founder of Alnwick Gin