No ordinary port

We created a radical new strategic, visual & verbal direction for the port. The brand is bright, progressive & delivered in a way that is anything but ordinary. The Port of Tyne is ultimately a destination brand - the location is, to a large degree, what makes it unique - so it was key that we invested our brand identity with a strong sense of place. The River Tyne is at the heart of the new identity. The new mark consists of two elements - a wordmark that is simple and distinctive, strong geometric forms referencing the port's industrial past while the river graphic replicates the stretch of water covered by the site.

A perpetual brand

A key design element of the new branding is a generative “kinetic Tyne” that enables the identity to change shape, colour and scale – or to be always in ‘motion’. A series of statements highlighting the key themes of the organisation work together with striking imagery and strong typography to create dynamic communications.

Taking it to new heights

Once the identity was agreed it was vital to capture a wide range of footage and imagery to help bring it to life. Our team filmed interviews, took brand images and used drone to give a birds eye view of the scale of the operation.

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