A glimpse into the future

Over the winter months the group invests significantly in many new holiday home developments across their estate in preparation for the demand in sales across the busy spring and summer months. Marketing new developments is a key part of the annual marketing plan.

From architect plans supplied, Jack our 3D visualiser, starts by creating a computer-generated image of how the development will look when completed. The CGIs are a vital element of the marketing mix, allowing the sales teams to sell off-plan and show potential buyers how the finished development will look and to help them to select their preferred pitch location. An animated version of the CGI gives a further level of creativity and engagement allowing the viewer to take a street level journey through the development.

Know your customers

Each year our media team profile and analyse the data from new owners that have bought a holiday home during the previous 12 months. Using Mosaic, we segment individuals and households based on their demographic, behaviours and lifestyle characteristics so we can gain a deeper understanding of who Park Holidays UK customers are. This information allows us to plan who, where and when to target future marketing and to engage more effectively through targeted communications, and location-based prioritisation.

By truly understanding the lifestyles of the target customers we not only know where and how to reach them, we also know what messages to use in order to generate a response. Some may be attracted by a sale or reduced price offer, others may be more likely to respond to other headlines such as “Open 24 hours”, “Free delivery”, "Dog friendly” or “Family friendly”. By fully understanding the lives of the target customers we know what is most important to them.

One of the most effective and recommended off line channels to reach potential customers in their homes is Royal Mail leaflet distribution. Using the information gained from the profiling, we are able to identify other locations that have a high population of a similar profile of people. This information can be refined to postcode sub sector level and using Royal Mail we can deliver an effective and targeted piece directly to the homes of potential holiday home buyers.

The leaflets are designed and printed by our in-house team. The printed pieces have trackable telephone numbers and QR codes to monitor engagement levels. Across the summer of 2023 The Works has designed, printed and distributed over 4.4 million pieces to targeted households across the UK.

Silver Sands on the silver screen

Silver Sands Holiday Park is located right by the beach on the beautiful Moray Firth in Scotland. Promoting this truly amazing location to potential holiday home buyers is one of the key objectives of the marketing strategy for Silver Sands. Taking into consideration the typical age and demographic profile of buyers at the park, television was considered the ideal channel to sell the dream of holiday home ownership.

The Works creative team set to work creating a storyboard and script that would form the basis for the 2 day on location shoot at Lossiemouth. The script was agreed and the theme for the new advert was born, “Discover a place where you can step away from the ordinary and embrace the extra ordinary”.

Ian and the crew arrived at Silver Sands to be welcomed by glorious sunshine and clear blue skies, perfect conditions for filming. The models, all of whom we’d worked with before, arrived early the next day and the filming commenced. The shoot went exactly to plan, not even the weather could spoil it!

The editing of the commercial was completed within a few days of the shoot and the advert made its debut on STV and ITVX during the afternoon showing of Tipping Point.

Take a look at the finished TV advert.

Print that comes to life

In 2023 we introduced digital based Holiday Home Ownership brochures as an alternative to printed versions. In addition to the main content, we also created a series of hyperlinks to allow potential customers to interact with the content, whilst also increasing website traffic and engagement. We are able to link users directly to specific pages on the Park Holidays UK website, as well as video content uploaded to their YouTube channel. Having the option of a digital sales brochure also increases the speed and the scale on which they can be distributed, which was another key factor in the decision to create them.

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