A grown up brand

Opencast had a well established reputation and a personality that was quirky and stood out in the market. Our task was to maintain the character of the brand while elevating it to allow for expansion. To present a more established, professional look we modified the logo, created a bespoke typeface which has a uniqueness of its own and utilised an extensive, bright colour palette to allow the tone to flex depending on the content and audience.

A style of their own

Due to the wide variety of their client base and the difficulty of representing their work through imagery, we created an illustrative style that is both detailed and conceptual. To remain distinctive and ‘different’ within the market we used bright colours and bespoke abstract illustrations and icons. From detailed cityscapes to complex service areas, we continue to build a library to be used on a variety of communications.

A mine of information

Once the brand was created we built a completely new website utilising the bespoke typeface, extensive colour palette and illustrative style. The site houses a huge amount of information and insight but needed to replicate the human, light nature of the brand.

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