Same brand but better

Since creating the Lookers wordmark and guidelines in 2016, we have worked on many aspects of their communications and advertising. It was felt that the proposition needed to evolve to better represent the business as it currently stands. After an iterative process the new proposition of 'A good deal. Better' was born. The line aims to put front and centre the key strength of Lookers - that they offer customers the full package from online to dealerships; home delivery to full aftersales care.

Choice selection

The key theme of choice from the brand campaign was replicated across digital channels and also expanded into sales events. 

Clicks and mortar

During the pandemic Lookers quickly adapted to have the ability to sell online. We helped them to communicate with existing and potential customers, developing their 'Click & Drive' service and creating a series of online sales and explainer animations.

Web build for hire

We were asked by Lookers to redevelop their lease offer website to make it fit for the current digital landscape and beyond. The build combined three sites into one, providing better functionality and management for the Lookers Leasing team. An integral part of the build was the Lite Lease offer, which allows clients to benefit from short-term lease offers. It was built as part of the content management system, allowing the Lookers team to update their stock and track current client usage. 

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