A brand that really stands for something

ITPS was a well established and trusted technology business but it was felt that the brand needed a refresh to help them deliver their aims now and into the future. We facilitated a number of workshops to really get to know what the people across the business felt about the visual and messaging. This eventually led us to a new brand platform and visual identity that everyone in the business could get behind moving forward.

A key theme from the process was that many felt the acronym name didn't mean anything (or didn't know what it meant). Rather than look to rename the already successful brand, we set about giving those letters meaning. A series of four word 'statements' starting with the initial letters became the foundation of messaging, alongside the tagline 'Technology for a brighter tomorrow' - which led to the dynamic eclipse symbol of the logo.

A digital presence for today and tomorrow

Once the brand had been created our creative and digital teams worked collaboratively to build a new website from the ground up. Scoping and wireframing ensured the right information is presented at the right time and the site is easy to navigate.

A people business

As with any new brand it was vital to develop dynamic and 'real' content. Our in-house team worked to create a suite of photography to show the people behind the technology. An initial brand launch film was created which set a style for animation and interview style content.

Making the brand tangible

As a continuation of the desire to make the whole business feel involved and part of the rebrand, we set about making it very visible in the office space. A series of key brand messages mixed with striking graphics and colours were installed on office walls. And, of course, who doesn't love a mug or pen?

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