Over the last 10 years, National Apprenticeship Week has become a time to celebrate the positive impact apprenticeships and traineeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy. However, in that time, there have been many debates about the pros and cons of such opportunities in the media industry. At The Works, we believe they can only have a positive impact on those involved.

Apprenticeships and training programmes like these have been around for a long time, but in recent years they’ve become a hot topic of conversation. People have debated whether the media industry is the right environment for such training schemes, whether apprentices or interns should be paid for their work and if training programmes should ever be considered a viable route into the industry like their degree counterparts.

As a business that has grown and developed its team over the past decade, we’ve seen the positive impact an apprentice or intern programme can have on all parties involved. In the past three years, we’ve worked with our partners at Gateshead College and the University of Sunderland to bring three interns and an apprentice into our business, three of whom are now permanent, full-time members of our team and one who has just recently joined us. In doing this, not only have we found four team members who are the perfect fit for our business in terms of their personality, but we’ve also seen these young people develop their knowledge and skills-sets to become integral parts of our account management and studio teams, bringing different ideas, skills and ways of thinking to the teams and client projects they work on.

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