Collaborative working is a phrase that has been thrown around in our industry for a number of years. Agencies and clients working together to achieve a common goal has always underpinned the work we’ve done in our industry – but as things have evolved, this collaboration in working has become increasingly important. A lot rests on an agency-client relationship.

We’ve all heard the saying two heads are better than one- and I truly believe that this is the case. Every individual or company is a specialist in their area of work, and when two or more people or organisations come together for the benefit of a mutual project, that’s when, in my opinion, you see collaborative working truly come into its own.

A number of our clients have in-house comms functions. Whether that be marketing teams, studio departments or media buyers- they’re all people who are specialists in the areas they work in. When working with our clients who have in-house teams, we prefer to work as an extension of their team, rather than in silo.

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