Imagine logging into Twitter, scanning what’s trending and seeing that you’ve forgotten there’s a major event taking place or you’ve missed a big holiday. Just to clarify, we’re not talking about the traditional holidays, like Halloween or Christmas (who could forget those?!), but the social media events and holidays that quickly become trending topics and present some of the most valuable opportunities for marketers online. Think #NationalBurgerDay or #BlueMonday.

These days, there really is a ‘day’ to celebrate everything -  from music to politics, food to emotions and everything in between. Some are meant to generate awareness and promote a cause while others focus their attention on the cute, quirky or nonsensical. But depending on what field you work in, they present a real opportunity for you or your clients to get involved and reach new audiences.

In today’s digital world, the number of platforms people are using is constantly increasing, the way we share our content is changing and demand to publish engaging content is at a high. You now have different audiences across a number of different platforms, who all connect and engage in different ways, meaning the content you need to produce and the way you manage your social media is more challenging than ever before – enter the content calendar!

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