According to leading cross-platform measurement company ComScore, mobile usage has now officially overtaken desktop and nearly 50% of the time we spend on social networking, gaming and news sites happens via a smartphone- no surprise there then! So, you would think that the majority of UK digital advertising spend would be on mobile channels then, wouldn’t you? Well, unfortunately not.

Last year, despite mobile advertising bookings increasing 56% in the first half of 2016 (something which is only set to continue increasing this year), only 18% of UK organisations’ budgets went towards mobile advertising. Yet, mobile advertising offers organisations creative, strategic opportunities that have simply not been possible before. For instance, three quarters of adults used their mobile to buy something last year and, of those adults, 36% of their total spend was via mobile, nearly equalling their in-store purchases of 41%. The opportunities as an advertiser to engage with such a captive audience are endless and something an organisation may have struggled to do as effectively in previous years.

These days your mobile knows more about you than you think. It tracks everything you do – where you go, what you’re interested in and what websites you visit. Your mobile DNA then allows advertisers to target their adverts to the right person in the right place and at the right time- the epitome of targeted advertising.

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