When we launched The Works back in 2006, the idea of being able to target an individual with an advert tailored specifically to their personal likes and dislikes and track their journey through the buying cycle, was just that – an idea. Now, ten years on, targeted ads are the norm and the vast range of platforms available to us have completely changed the world we work in.

We’ve moved on from primarily using print adverts in newspapers and magazines, direct mail, TV and radio to communicate with audiences, to a world where we can now track who saw our ad, went onto our website and bought our product as a consequence of that advert and who didn’t- something which was nigh on impossible ten years ago. 

But, contrary to popular belief, we’re not all choosing digital media over traditional media. There never has and never will be a one-size fits all approach to advertising-  it’s all about what works for the audience you’re trying to target and that means working with a range of media outlets- remember that saying ‘something old, something new?’

Clearly, technology will continue to evolve over the next ten years, as will the work we produce for our clients, and digital media will play a big part in this. Just imagine if you could pre-target customers and show potential buyers your product or service designed to solve their problem, before they actively look for a solution (or your competitors)- it’s likely that in ten years’ time, that will be the norm. 

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