Running a campaign without newspaper advertising is like trying to make a cup of tea without milk – it’s possible and it works for some people, but it’s just not quite the same… We’ve always been advocates of print advertising, and will always recommend it to clients, providing it’s the right audience for them.

 Just because the print industry has been on the decline since 2011, it doesn’t mean print adverts should be ruled out of your advertising campaign, it might be down but it’s certainly not out!

Research by Newsworks – marketing body of the national newspaper industry has revealed that advertising with newspapers increases overall revenue return on investment by three times. The study covered 500 econometric models to show the impact news brands have on an advertising campaign.

Digital channels accounted for a third of media spend in 2015 and this figure will only increase in the future. However, print media is still something that all advertisers should consider, newspaper advertising makes TV advertising twice as effective and online display four times as effective, so we’d be silly to write it off.

Adding a printed advert to a campaign increases its effectiveness, but it differs across all sectors - 5.7 times for finance, three times for travel, 2.8 times for retail, 1.7 times for automotive, and 1.2 times for fast moving consumer goods. So although print advertising does help your campaign, it depends what kind of company you are and who you are targeting. For those in the finance industry, it would be such a wasted opportunity to miss out on the chance to double the effectiveness of a campaign simply by not using print advertising.

We are now so tuned into mobile and web advertising that a traditional press advert has been left in digitals shadows, even though it is the most trustworthy form of advertising and still reaches 66 per cent of adults – but why?

Although the statistics prove otherwise, many advertisers think of print media as old news and devote all of their time and attention to online means.

Yes, it’s obvious not as many people are picking up a newspaper on a daily basis, however a lot of readers have said when they buy a newspaper it’s primarily for local news and events and the adverts – which is exactly what we want them to be looking for.

Already 28 per cent of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing projects, which could be seen as a risky move when the ROI is so high using print in an advertising campaign. Sure, digital will continue to grow, but that’s not to say that print needs to be left behind, some may say that print is dead, but we say print is a very powerful medium that still has a lot to offer.

We’re very open minded in this office, and are still more than happy to use print media, even if it’s not the ‘cool’ thing to do these days. It certainly works for our clients getting them the results they need and at the end of the day that’s what we’re here for!