2006. The year Twitter was born. The year the Kaiser Chiefs told us there was a ‘modern way’ of doing things. The year we founded The Works.

And how things have changed! From the evolution of the press release, to the rise of social media and the decline and resurgence of print, we’ve been there through it all. Technology has taken huge strides since we started our agency - video and images are more popular than ever, and who hasn’t used a site like Spotify for free music – a revelation for the last decade, even if you do have to put up with listening to the ads! With these changes, the lines between PR, marketing and advertising have blurred, so the way we work as a full service agency, and the type of work we produce for our clients, has completely transformed with it.

We (along with 1.2 billion people) use the internet to find everything, and with newspaper readership falling, we have moved our focus to communicating with audiences digitally – short videos, social media posts, sponsored advertising… the goal posts have completely changed and there are a lot more opportunities to think about.

As our clients’ needs have changed, we’ve expanded our fun-loving team to add more creative minds and emerging stars and we’ve diversified into new territories including merging with a web development company and adding a brand specialist to the team.

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