Everyone relies on the Internet a lot more than ten years ago. But did you know that Brits are now using the Internet for an average of 20 hours and 20 minutes a week! That’s nearly one full day of the week!

The figure has doubled in the last ten years, due to the improvement of technology and the increase in the use of smart phones.

Inventions including: tablets, IPads, Apple watches and smart devices has meant the Internet has taken over the ways we communicate.

525 million of the population are active online every day. 16-24 year olds most commonly use the Internet with the use of social media and spend over 24 hours online and that figure is no surprise, as young people rely on the Internet to communicate with friends and family everyday

However, this increased popularity is starting to cause a problem for Britain, as it is proving a struggle to keep up with demand. The Internet is already using eight per cent of Britain’s power output. The demand is only going to grow every year, with the worry of it using all of Britain’s power supply by 2035.

Restriction and reduction of access is feared in the not-too-distant future. Experts believe it is the only way to solve this problem. The energy currently being used is equivalent to three nuclear power stations. It makes me wonder what we would ever do without instant access to the Internet.Britons could return to the famous WW2 rationing system to prevent a fast increase. This could mean the population may have to start paying for how much data they use.

I remember when a dial up connection was the only option and this was only possible if no one in the household was using the landline. It’s crazy to think we could be restricted in a similar way again.

A world, which is now run digitally, could soon be diverting to a different path that was not planned. I don’t know about you but I don’t know how we will react if this ever happens!

Let’s hope we won’t be faced with this problem anytime soon!