Today is Social Media Day, although everyday could be considered Social Media Day nowadays, especially in our office.

It’s hard to imagine life without social media. Can you remember the days when you would eat a meal without Instagramming it or go on holiday without checking in at the airport first? .. Oh the simpler times!

Whether we like it or not, social media has impacted almost every way of life, from how we communicate with each other, breaking news and charity efforts, to celebrity news and employment opportunities.

The annual event was actually created by the Mashable website to "commemorate and celebrate the ways social media has changed our world, both big and small" – and it’s certainly done that.
Social media was the force behind many charitable campaigns last year, , whether it was pouring a freezing bucket of ice water over your head for ALS or baring all in your make-up free selfie for Cancer Research, millions of pounds was raised around the world.

 (For a little giggle, our Ice Bucket Challenge is still floating around on our social media here if you want to see it

Professionally, social media has allowed for direct contact between companies and their customers/clients, breaking down barriers which have only strengthened relationships. It’s most likely how you found this blog.

Are you social media savvy, or do you not know your Facebook from your Flickr? Why don’t you take this fun quiz and find out:

In our office we’ve got quite a mix of social gurus and spectators, and the occasional hermit (naming no names).

HAPPY SOCIAL MEDIA DAY from everyone at The Works #SMDay