Last week we had year 10 student Grace Fox spend the week with us for work experience. Find out what she thought of her time at The Works below …


“I am 15 years old and currently studying in school; however I was still undecided in what area of design I wanted to work in. With this subject having a range of paths to take I was apprehensive of what the future would hold for me in this particular career, luckily, I was fortunate enough to spend a week with ‘The Works’ to help me understand and make up my mind.


Throughout the week I was given countless fantastic opportunities to take part in that associated with designing, both in and out of the office. Not once was I uninterested or uncomfortable with what I was doing or who I was working with. I experienced just how much effort and time people put into their jobs, either meeting deadlines or meeting their client’s wishes. It gave me an insight into what working life would be like in this particular subject and gave me the chance to use my own skills and talents working on infographics and many more activities!


Taking everything into consideration, this week has been truly inspiring! It has now given me an idea of what path I’d like to take within design and prepared me for what is to be expected of me in the future. Everyone I worked with was so helpful, approachable and pleasant! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my works experience… I am very lucky!”