The day the London tube go on strike is the day the city goes into panic mode. Commuters had no other option but to walk or attempt to squeeze onto a very busy bus in the latest strike last weekend.

But this didn’t just affect travellers down south – four of our team members were amongst the chaos on Thursday.  

It might have been doom and gloom for London transport; however brands and businesses decided to take advantage of the strike by promoting services for any tube travellers.

#TubeStrike trended across the UK on Twitter with information and offers to help stressed commuters survive the day.

Fitness First was the first to jump on board offering free leisure facilities to any oyster card holder, while Direct Line made their own survival pack to help the City of London through the day.

It was an opportunity that brands could not miss. Thousands of commuters followed the hashtag that both provided news on the latest updates but also had comical value.

Even supermarket, Lidl shared their views by promoting their yogurt tubes in the crisis.

A quick reaction by brands meant they could take advantage of a big audience in London. The idea of giving away free skateboards by Penny skateboards was a personal favourite of mine.

Who knew a tube strike could be so beneficial to the marketing world!