Is your Facebook full of soppy relationship posts, hundreds of pictures your children or various selfies from the weekend?

Recent research shows that the posts you share on Facebook are a lot more significant than you think; they actually identify a person’s personality.

Brunel University conducted a study with 555 people to determine the link between your Facebook page and your personality and yes, it’s true, your Facebook really does define you!

The five main personality traits identified in the study were extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness, and whether you’re an achiever or a hopeless romantic, your content proves to be more important to your life than you thought.

You might have an idea of what trait best describes you but the way you socialise on Facebook could actually show something completely different.

Do you like to post about dining out and funny stories about your life? Then you are an extrovert, and you’re happy and cheerful.

Or do you prefer to use Facebook to post interesting articles? If so, you are an open-minded person and Facebook is primarily used for research in your life and not just socialising.

Maybe you thrive in sharing pictures of your partner and make sure everybody knows he/she is yours. Sorry to say it, but apparently  you have low self-esteem, lack confidence and can feel threatened.

And if your Facebook is filled with more pictures of your children than yourself, it means you are conscientious- a careful, thorough and vigilant person, who enjoys connecting with friends and family.

Surely Facebook can’t be the be all and end all when defining someone. I decided check my last post to see what my profile says about me. It was link to an article on The Evening Chronicle about new restaurants opening in Intu Metro Centre.

 Apparently I’m an open-minded person; however, I don’t think my friends would describe me like that at all!

From my point of view, I do believe you can learn a lot from a person’s Facebook, but there can be more than one trait that describes you, so don’t panic.

 I upload a lot of pictures socialising, so that could mean I was also an extrovert. But although I agree with this, do my Facebook friends? I think it’s time for you to check your Facebook page and see what your posts say about you!