Put your digital knowledge to the test in this ‘All Things Digital’ quiz. You can find the answers at the bottom of the page… No peeking!

Let’s start with a nice and easy one….

  •          Who ‘made’ the WWW?


  •          What was the UK’s most used social networking platform in 2014?


  1.      Facebook    2. Twitter    3. Tumblr   4. Google Plus+


  •          How many hours, on average, do people in the UK spend ‘online’ daily?


  1.      5            2.   6             3.    8         4.  9 


  •          When was the first email sent?


  1.      1960      2. 1971     3. 1982     4. 1993


  •          What’s bigger a ‘kilobyte’ or a ‘megabyte’?


  •          When was the first IPhone released?


  1.     1998      2. 2004       3. 2007      4. 2008


  •          What was the most famous #hashtag on Instagram in 2014?


  1.     #Selfie       2. #BFF       3. #Love          4. #TBT


  •          What was the most popular make of mobile phone in 1999?


  1.     Toyota      2. Motorola          3. Samsung     4. Nokia




  1.        Tim Burner-Lee invented the WWW (with help from a few friends of course).
  2.        Although in recent years we have seen a decline in the ‘coolness’ of Facebook, it still takes the crown with 31 million UK users. Twitter seems to be climbing its way up showing impressive growth, taking second place with less than half of Facebook’s glory with 15 million UK users (#WeStillLoveYouTwitter).
  3.        Believe it or not, the average UK person spends up to 9 hours online a day! Studies show that we’re spending more time online than sleeping… we just can’t get enough of the wonderful world of digital!
  4.        Ray Tomlinson sent the first ever email in 1971, apparently it was a test email and was ‘entirely forgettable’.
  5.        Why, a megabyte is the biggest - of course!
  6.        Ah the mighty IPhone, can you remember life before them?! Well think back to June 2007, June 29th to be exact.
  7.        Believe it or not it was NOT ‘#Selfie’. Although we all love a good ‘Selfie’ it was in fact ‘#Love’ with 696 million Instagram posts that year. Cute or what?
  8.        Phones of the noughties, they don’t make them like that anymore (thankfully!) In 1999, the ‘Nokia 3210’ was the top selling phone with over 160 million sold, the first on the market to allow picture messages, groovy!

So… how did you do?