We’re big fans of Instagram here at The Works and we love sharing our daily lives on the network, whether that’s showing people the ducks that visit our office on a daily basis, what our new jotters look like or the latest campaigns we’ve produced for clients.

So, when we heard that video was coming to Instagram, we couldn’t wait to have a go and see what it was like.

In a past blog post, we talked about the video sharing app Vine. We liked the idea of being able to share short snippets of videos with our followers but we didn’t like that you couldn’t edit the video or save a copy to your phone- something you can now do on Instagram.

Just like when uploading photos to Instagram, you have 13 different filters to choose from to give your videos a different edge, and for those of us with shaky hands, there’s even a default cinema mode which helps to smooth the shakes out a little bit. You can edit out bits of the video that you don’t like and re-shoot them without having to start all over again, and you can even choose what frame you want people to see in their Instagram feed.

We’ve already seen some creative #Instavideos around and we’re looking forward to seeing how individuals and brands use the app going forward. For now, here’s our first video showing you around our offices.

You can find us on Instagram by searching for ‘WeAreTheWorks’.