Over the past couple of years, we have been developing and perfecting the variety of CGI work we do for Park Holidays. By focusing in on the tiny details of each park and capturing their uniqueness, we can create engaging visuals to promote them to potential customers.

I start by downloading satellite data to get an accurate picture of the location and the terrain of each park so that the models and flythroughs are super realistic. I also look at a range of imagery of each park to get different perspectives and angles on them.

We have massively developed our props library over the past year and have started to include detail such as people, animals, picnic tables and bikes to add diversity to the scene. Each of the holiday homes have been modelled from scratch and re used in each scene to maintain consistency, and we add things such as lights and furniture inside the holiday homes to create realism.

My main focus is homing in on the individuality of each park, what attractions they have and how they differ from each other and making sure these details are fully visible in the render.