I recently managed the national rollout of the new Haines Watts brand. Once the creative direction is established the work really began, we had to move from the limitless to the focused. We worked closely with many people within Haines Watts to deliver on a national, regional and office level.

This involved updating everything from signage to letterheads, business cards, office templates and then the rollout of a brand campaign on socials for launch week and ongoing. We created a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ - specifically not called a guideline as we wanted to give people the tools to create communications that work for them, rather than a restrictive set of rules.

I worked with people across the business who I would never normally come into contact with and it's been refreshing to see them all take the creative work we've been working on for such a long time and run with it. Each office had different requirements, so there was no one-size-fits-all approach to it. We’ve had to look at each office in its own right whilst trying to keep the brand consistent and fresh. The good thing is that the brand toolkit has so many pieces to it so people can make it work for whatever they're doing.

Since the launch the feedback from offices and stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive.

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