Having built the previous website on our platform we were looking to incorporate the new Haines Watts brand on the website, making changes to the functionality of the CMS to allow for flexibility. This included a new colour palette, shapes and fonts. Design mock-ups were created, along with some important wireframes to portray the look and feel of the site before we created a working prototype. We wanted to make sure we represented the changes to the brand across the site effectively. This meant that the integration of content had to be taken into consideration and we wanted a seamless transition from old to new.

It was also important to consider any functional improvements we could make to the site. With over 50 offices and multiple users on the CMS, there was a challenge in keeping things simple and allowing the users to have the flexibility to create the content they needed on the go.

We decided to utilise a focused number of our team members who would work on the project all the way through, as not to be distracted by other projects. This included design and back-end development. We found this to be the most efficient process, and it helped keep the project moving forward. Once the team was in place, we would follow our project plan, which included design mock-ups, prototype build, structural improvements, user journey improvements and many other areas.

The project has been really well received. As with every web project, it's always evolving, so there are always improvements being implemented. The new look and feel, and particularly the use of colour, has been a great hit. The improvements to the CMS for the users will really help long term. 

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