Happy Halloween from The Works!

Our creative director, John, has been in the kitchen cooking up a storm with a new soup recipe from the terrifying Heston Bludymental 😱

Think he should have read the book cover more closely...

Our Halloween video this year focuses on a recipe for ‘Kraken Soup’ gone wrong and the horror that emerges as a result. To create it we drew on the skills of Andy (our videographer and photographer), Sarah (creative) and Jack (3D animator) oh, and of course, John, the star of the show! To create the video we combined CGI, filming and product design.

Jack explains how it was done…

I had created some tentacles for a previous Halloween video but as these were going to be a far more prominent aspect of the video, the approach I took had to be more sophisticated. This involved a more complex model, rigging using expressions and using realistic subsurface shading to get that ‘sushi’ look. The most important part of this process was making sure the tentacle could move in a very fluid manner without looking too random or floppy.

I also had to figure out how the cursed ‘soup’ should appear as it spills over a version of our kitchen bench. The tricky part here was getting the parameters correct to control the viscosity, stickiness and weight of our ‘soup’ so that the fluid did not spill too drastically but still behaved in a realistic way.

I am really pleased with what has been achieved, I hope you enjoy the final video!