Since we worked with the Port on their large rebranding project, we’ve continued to support them with photography and film content for their various social media platforms. The content is designed to bring life to the wide variety of work carried out at the port, from listening to colleague and stakeholder stories to work that takes place every day on the ground. The key objective for this content was to highlight the significant shipments that they get through photography and video. They wanted to help give their audience an understanding of the magnitude of what they do and how it positively impacts the region.

As well as photography, we also created timelapse footage of the shipments which really puts into perspective the work they do - the client was delighted with the end product.

“Sometimes I really wanted to get a certain shot, but because of health and safety restrictions, some locations were off limits. So, it was all about finding the best angles within the space you’ve got to work in.” Port of Tyne loves the work we’ve created for them, particularly the time-lapses, and they have been received really well across social media.

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