Livin, Rebrand

Our housing client Livin felt the need to refresh their brand, to come away from a slightly corporate look and become more reflective of the personal service that they provide to their customers. They already had the perfect name, and an opportunity to bring it to life.

Feelings that came out from research workshops we held with stakeholders were that Livin is vibrant, valued and vital to its customers and communities – it is more than just a landlord, it makes a difference to people’s lives and provides houses for homes.

The new brand that we developed featured the logo as a bespoke handwritten wordmark – to come away from feeling corporate and give it a personal touch – and a bright, fresh colour palette to bring the vibrancy of the business through into creative. We worked with Livin to develop a new photography style and suite of images along with the brand identity, depicting real customers living their lives to the fullest.

The overall result is a personable, warm and human brand identity that stands out from the housing landscape and better represents the ethos and ambitions of Livin.