livin, Digital Me Animation

livin created an innovative initiative called ‘Digital Me’ to support digital inclusion amongst social housing tenants. In order to receive the vital funding from Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading social tech funder, they needed to submit an application that would stand out from the rest. We were tasked with creating an informative animation to showcase ‘Digital Me’.

We used stock frame animation, combining a mixture of bespoke hand drawn illustrations and photography to create a 3 minute video. The voiceover and music were carefully selected to bring it to life and provide a friendly and optimistic tone to the edit.

We needed to create something that helped explain a complex project in a simple, yet engaging, way. We came up with the idea of creating a character called ‘Claire’ to tell her story so viewers could understand what it is like to be digitally excluded and grab their attention.

It’s been received so well we’ve had requests for other organisations to use this template to help them communicate their digital inclusion programmes.

Lauren Thompson
Marketing & Digital Manager, livin

‘Claire’ has legs, not just virtual ones. It’s more than a digital animation; it could make a fantastic Digital Me launch campaign in the future.

Emma Appleby
Account Director