Gentoo, Gendoo Exhibition Stands

Gentoo Group exhibition stand

For the 2013 CIH national and CIH Scotland conferences, Gentoo Group wanted to do things differently. They asked us to create a stand that would encourage like-minded delegates at the conference to work alongside them to create a movement for positive change. 

We engaged with Mark Shayler, a founding member of ‘Do’, an organisation that believes people who Do things inspire others. To bring the spirit of ‘Do’ to the conference, we formulated a programme of speakers for the stand. We also created a visual identity that merged the Gentoo logo with Do, to make the Gendoo Sessions - with the strapline ‘less stand and more action'. 

We sent out a variety of HTML e-mailers to those we knew would/may be attending the event to let them know what Gentoo were doing on their stand. We also set up a dedicated Twitter account and web page to interact with those at the event and to keep those who weren’t at the event up-to-date.

The stand won the prestigious ‘Stand of the Year’ award at both conferences.

The Works created a strong brand identity that did exactly what we set out to achieve. They made the creative process easy and most importantly- inspiring!

Sharon Appleby
Head of Communications

Gendoo was a great project to work on. It was different, fun and inspiring to be part of!

Barry Pollock