• 01.09.17

Social media works, if you work at it

Beth Cronin, one of our Account Managers here at The Works, has seen how the functionality between nearly all social media channels has become increasingly interchangeable and heavily overlapped with each landmark update.

Here, she discusses why this might not be such a bad thing if the channels are used in the right way...

Snapchat’s most recent addition 'Snap Maps' isn’t hugely different to the ‘Find My Friends’ app. When Instagram stories launched, it mimicked Snapchat stories. After Facebook reported success with its messaging app, Twitter increased its direct message character limit and then LinkedIn rolled out its own messaging experience. You can see where I'm going with this...

So, if the platforms are starting to become homogenous in many ways, do they still individually hold importance for brands, businesses and individuals? The answer is, of course: yes, but in varying degrees and only if they are channels that are relevant to you or your business and if they're used to the best of their capacity.

Take for example, LinkedIn. As one of the top three platforms for businesses and individuals, and as the world’s largest professional network online, a lot of people seem to think that LinkedIn will help them just by being on it. Wrong! LinkedIn, like all social channels, is a tool – and just like all tools, you must make best use of it to get results.

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