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  • 17.03.16
  • by Racheal Broomfield

10 things we’ve done so far for our 10th birthday

If you don’t already know, we have turned 10 this year and we want to say thanks to everyone who has helped us get there.

Throughout the year we have a so many exciting things planned but here are 10 things we’ve done so far that you might have missed:


1. We had lots of fun at our 10th birthday themed party - retro sweets, party games, party hats - the lot! 


2. It's not often a business turns 10, so we decided to tell the world! 


3. We created a mini campaign that tied in our first decade with a message of thanks, for our clients and friends who have helped us get here. We used the roman numeral for 10 (X) which also represents a kiss! 


4. We created an animation to explain our campaign ...


5.  ... and posted it on our fresh new website that we launched, which, if you're reading this, you're on now - welcome!


6. We added some new additions to our stationery cupboard, for all our brilliant ideas we have when not paying attention, or the things we intend to do.


7. Our social media gurus then carried on our 10 theme and added TEN words into our headers and posts.



8. ATENtion! We also created our own hashtag #TheWorks10


9. We brightened peoples day by giving away prizes with our competitions on the 10th of every month.


10. We got a bit smitten at Valentine's Day and sent out kisses to our staff and clients.


Keep an eye on our social media channels and website to see what we have planned throughout the year.


Thanks for the first ten years. X