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  • 09.05.16
  • by Marnie Kent

10 years of The Works

This year we’re celebrating our tenth birthday. It’s been a challenging but rewarding decade for us, and we’ve had plenty of fun along the way! Sitting back and thinking of where it all began, there’s so much that has happened and so much we have achieved that we wanted to share a few of them – 10 to be exact, there’s kind of a theme going on here! 2006. The year of some excellent songs, the creation of Twitter and the year we were born!


1. The beginning of The Works 

Back then, the office (which is now just a collection of grey coloured memories) and the team looked quite different to what they do today *queue embarrassing old photos.


2. Competitiveness

We think a little competitiveness is healthy and love nothing more than competing against each other - everything from egg decorating and paintball, to piñatas, a bake off and good old pass the parcel. Oh and we won't talk about the unicycle challenge .. let's just say nobody won that!


3. Team work makes the dream work 

When we aren't competing against each other we do work well as a team, as you can see our attention to detail is second to none ... Happy Birthday Paul!


4. Charities and challenges ...

In 10 years we've never been ones to shy away from a challenge (although throwing water over each other was more fun than challenging) ... We've had a lot of fun in the name of charity and that is only going to continue throughout our birthday year, but we'll keep you posted. Read more about our chosen charities here.


5. Animal antics 

We’ve had our fair share of animal visitors over the years, as ewe can see. From yearly visits from Jack and Vera Duckworth to our office fish, Frank and Babs, who we’ve kept alive for a whole 10 months now!


6. New office 

With animals and staff filling up our office, it was time to move to a bigger space in the swanky Lambton Business Park formerly Lambton Lion Park, (over 6 years and not one lion spotted, can you believe it?) But with views like ours, who could complain if a lion did pop along? …



7. What is a diet? 

As the team grew it meant we had more birthdays to celebrate, so you’ll often find us overindulging on cake and fizz at least once a month (or 4 times in one week if it’s October) … which means diets are difficult to keep up with in this office – oh we do love our food and drink!

Our #FajitaFriday in sub-zero temperatures even got a shout out from Tom Campbell on Heart radio!


8. Nights out

Our collective love for food and drink also ventures outside of the office, what’s a better way of team bonding than a team night out?


9. National holidays 

Over 10 years we’ve participated in almost every National holiday (both the genuine and the silly ones), from Christmas and a #ChristmasCarolOff to Halloween and National Drink Wine Day. And who knew National Breakfast Week existed? We didn't but we had fun celebrating it!


10. Celebrity visitors 

There are no walls in our office, no barriers and no doors to knock on, so the occasional celebrity (both human and not) has been known to wander in. We don't know if that's down to our smiling faces or that we always have food and drink on offer, either way everyone is welcome ... especially you!

So pop in and see us, we’re a lovely bunch, the kettle is always on (and the fridge is always open!)

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